The 40-Second Sleep Hack: A Guide to Putting Your Baby to Sleep Quickly

May 23, 2023
Tripti Mohan – May 23, 2023

You must have eagerly waited for the arrival of your little one into this world….

You must have eagerly waited for the arrival of your little one into this world. Once your baby is born and you have admired your tiny bundle of joy, there is very little time before the real deal begins- feeding, sleeping, pooping, peeing, and repeating. If it is hard for you, imagine how hard it must be for the baby who was living comfortably inside her mother to suddenly be in a new environment. For the first few weeks, the best solution to almost all of the baby’s problems is to create an atmosphere similar to that inside the womb, particularly when it comes to sleep. Therefore, a quick method to help a baby fall asleep is necessary!

There are tried and tested methods to put a baby to sleep. But not all work with all babies. Parents are usually always in search of their own methods to put babies to sleep quickly. If you are on your journey to find new techniques too, the first important thing to do is to understand the baby’s sleep cycle.

Understanding Baby Sleep Cycles

You just got introduced to a new person who you feel is sleeping all the time. But if you observe closely, you would understand that there is a cycle. There is a time when the baby wants to sleep and a time when the baby wants to be awake. Understanding this cycle is very important so that when the baby cries, you know whether it is to sleep or not. Also, if there is much deviation from this cycle or pattern, you know you have to pay more attention to the baby’s needs. She might need a little help from you to fall asleep. This is not always easy, but here are some hacks for parents to put their baby to sleep quickly.


Swaddling Techniques for Better Sleep

Swaddling has been one of the most well-known and effective techniques to put a baby to sleep. It has been used for ages by people all over the world. Wrap your baby slightly tight in a soft swaddle with his or her hands on her side. Make sure he or she doesn’t put her hands outside the swaddle. Then, place her in her cradle or hold the baby close to your chest and sway slowly from side to side. There is magic in this age-old trick!


Using White Noise to Soothe Your Baby

Do you hush-hush everyone and everything while trying to put your baby to sleep? It may not be always a good idea. It has been noted that babies fall asleep quickly, even in 40 seconds or less when they are exposed to white noise. White noise is a noise that contains all frequencies of the audible range. This could be the noise of the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, or simply you humming ‘Oooommmm’ or ‘Shhhhhhh’. Sometimes, the sound of rain or running water can also help. If you can leave a tap open for some time (of course, without wasting the water), it could do the trick. It is said that this is because such noise must be what the baby heard when in the mother’s womb.


Incorporating a Bed Time Routine

This hack is not just for newborns, but also for bigger children. Incorporating a bedtime routine lets the baby understand that it is time to sleep. Your routine can include:

A warm bath- so that they feel fresh and clean. The warmth of the water soothes their body.
A massage with baby lotion- who doesn’t like a massage before bedtime?
Breastfeeding/formula milk/milk- so that they are not hungry while trying to sleep.
Reading a story or playing soft music – helps their mind to rest and be more calm.

Such steps calm down the baby and soothe the baby’s body and mind, helping her sleep quickly. This method can go a long way until your child is much older.


The Magic of the “Hold With Love” Method

If none of the ways we mentioned work, try this awesome method. Hold your baby in your arms, close to your chest, and with all the love you have, sway from side to side and softly sing or hum a lullaby. Make sure the room is at least partly dim and quiet. The comfort of your arms can help your baby sleep peacefully. Both parents can do this.

Troubleshooting Sleep Issues

There could be many reasons why a baby is not sleeping in spite of using all possible hacks. There is no need to be worried or frustrated in such situations. Check if the baby might be having any of the following issues when she just wouldn’t sleep:

Baby is hungry. Maybe she needs another feed.
The baby wants to poop.
The room is not comfortable enough. Maybe a quieter, darker, cooler, or warmer room will help.
The baby’s bedtime routine is disrupted.
If your baby sleeps for 3 hours in a stretch this week, he might sleep for only 2 hours next week. Expect a change in nap cycles.
Baby has a fever or any other illness- it could be tummy pain, ear pain, or anything else.
Baby is not tired enough to sleep. Play, talk, and engage more with the baby so that he is tired and falls asleep.

Consistency Is the Key

Maintaining a schedule or routine and sticking to it consistently is the best way to deal with babies. Try to stick to a schedule, whether it is their feeding time, bath time, or bedtime. Parenting becomes a lot easier this way because you know what to expect in terms of when the baby will be hungry, when it is sleepy, etc. A bonus is that as parents, you will also be able to plan your day according to the baby’s schedule.

Putting the 40-Second Sleep Hack Into Practice

Methods like swaddling the baby, playing white noise, humming to the baby, massaging, and holding with love have been tried and tested. These are effective and can get your little one to sleep even in 40 seconds or less. Some people have also noticed that gently sweeping a dry tissue from top to bottom of your baby’s face does the job. Try doing it repeatedly and you will see the baby’s eyes closing very soon.

Apart from these, many parents come up with their own methods that work for them. Some babies fall asleep as soon as they are taken for a drive or stroll in their stroller. Some like their head massaged until they fall asleep. Some babies even have a preferred sleep partner. For example, Daddy’s cuddle might help them sleep instead of all the things Mommy does.

Conclusion: Restful Nights Ahead

Using one or more of the hacks we told you about is sure to help you let your little baby sleep. It is important that as parents you are calm and patient while trying to make them sleep. Babies can easily catch on to your vibe, so if you are restless, the baby might also be. Try some of these hacks to put your little one to sleep. If these don’t work, listen to your instincts. In case you notice excessive crying and discomfort in the baby while trying to sleep, consult your doctor. Putting a baby to sleep may not be always easy, but it certainly is not impossible. We wish you restful nights ahead!  

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